Ahoy is an app where sailors can meet each other for sailing or to meet each other on shore and have a cup of coffee. I created the design and UX of the app from scratch.
The style is nautical, and cheerful because of the floating letters (and avoids obvious things like anchors and sails).
The large letters and white waves give the app icon a distinctive style among the other apps on your phone.
The interface focuses on two main target groups:
1. Sailors without a boat
2. Sailors with a boat looking for crew
Both groups can search in the app. The sailors who searches for crew members can also place a marker so that the app is filled with trips.

After designing the screens I created a clickable prototype to do user tests.
Insight for onboarding:
Onboarding used not only explain the app, but also manage expectations and create desire.

Insights for 'Sailors without a boat':
- By placing all users directly as sailors on the map, we ensure that the app is filled with sailors (on the map and in the search results).
- Planning a social date is presented secondary, to obtain focus in the app on the primary function: making sailing appointments.

Insights for 'Sailors with a boat, looking for crew':
- Due to the map-view, users directly check out a single marker/result and filter results.
- The first prototype missed the logical transition from search results to placing a marker with a call for crew . This is essential to obtain a filled app / platform.


At the moment Ahoy is looking for financial and operational partners. If you are interested please contact: wieke@wiekevanoordt.nl